The Leader In HVLP Sunless Spray Systems Since 2003

In 2003 Apollo Sprayers (Vista, CA USA) developed the first Sunless HVLP Tanning Systems, utilizing their expertise in HVLP technology and innovation dating back to 1966, and quickly becoming the system of choice for salons, spas and independent technicians around the world. Since then, APOLLO has sold over 100,000 systems world-wide and is recognized as the leader in HVLP sunless spray tanning systems.

APOLLO systems are easy-to-use, gentle, efficient and cost effective. The tanning solution goes precisely where you want it to go allowing the technician to easily shade and contour for the perfect tan. In addition, the tanning solution is so finely atomized that not a drop is wasted.

APOLLO HVLP Sunless Tanning System Features

  • Apollo turbine motors provide high efficiency and maximum longevity
  • Mist Applicators
    • Are precision built, simple to use, clean and maintain
    • Are ergonomically engineered for the technician’s comfort
    • Are specially designed to stay cool and protect the operator
    • Provide a superfine mist for maximum customer comfort
  • Lightweight Ultra-Flex™ air hose w/ Quick-Connect alloy hose ends for ease of use and reduced operator fatigue
  • All models are lightweight and portable
  • Attractive sleek styling
  • 1-2 Year Limited Warranty for peace of mind (model dependent)
Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. Headquarters

Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. Headquarters